laying down his life

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

John 15:13

Okay, so I know the context of this verse is speaking of “laying down his life” in the sense of dying for someone…

But I was just thinking, and please forgive me if I am wrong, but what about laying down our lives in the sense of LIVING for someone?

Like, how we die to ourselves to live in Christ, which lets us find REAL life… isn’t that laying our lives down for Him?

How when Jesus came… and wasn’t His LIFE, not just His excruciating death and glorious ressurection, a laying down? He left the Kingdom of God to come to Earth to save us. He put His Father’s will above His own. When did He serve Himself? Didn’t He come to serve and save us all?

I am watching my amazing husband right now… he is working his cute little booty off for his first part to the CPA exam. It is basically the BAR exam that lawyers take, but the one for accountants. It is big, mean, and ugly. But, this humble, caring, hardworking man is over there, about 8 feet away from me with his bloodshot eyes staring at the computer screen.

He is working two jobs right now. Full time in an office that pays him, and most of the night (with the exception of a dinner break and an hour after getting off work) studying, studying, studying. 200 questions here… another 100 there… read this… research that… memorzie this….

He is doing it all with a smile though. Even though he is exhausted. He doesn’t grumble or complain. He doesn’t whine or wish he wasn’t doing this…

He is trucking right along with all the love in his heart…

I want to better provide for us baby. I want to be able to take care of my wife better..

I love you so much. You are so beautiful. I want to work hard…

He is laying it all down for me right now.

He isn’t seeing his friends or watching the hockey games… He isn’t playing his guitar or writing songs…. He is working hard around the clock for us.

For me..

He is laying his life down for me…

When he could be resting, he is working.

When he could be watching a game, he is working his brain.

When he could be talking with his friends, he is thinking aloud…

I have never seen anyone so beautiful.

He is teaching me so much about selfless love, REAL LOVE, right now.

Being married to him is the most amazing gift…. (second to Jesus saving me and giving me a home with Him in Heaven).

I call him my silver miracle, Jesus will always be my Golden one.

I found an index card from my sweetheart recently, it was on his on old desk in his former house.

I found it and it is now taped to the wall in our kitchen… it reads

love has nothing to do with self – our love is limited the instant we begin thinking of ourselves.

This 4 part, 1 year’s worth, seems like a hundred thousand hours of studying for this exam is brutal… but he is so beautiful.

He endures it all for me, thinking of how he can better support us financially. Doing his best to give us financial security.

He does it all with thinking of me…

And even in his busyness, he is still making time to spend together with me,

Letting me know it is all for us, he loves me, and we’re in this together.

Encouraging me as I am missing him, showering me in affection as I try to help him, and holding me close every moment he can.

He isn’t so wrapped up in his work that he forgets who he is doing it for…

I am so blessed… he humbles me so much.

What if we lived that way for Jesus?

No matter what work we are doing, just pausing, even for 5-10 minutes to hug Him, let Him know it is all for Him, and we love Him.

Still showering Him with praise and affection.

And you know what, I think this is how Jesus lived for us.

He layed it ALL down.

He lived for His Father, He lived to love, heal, bless, protect, and nurture us, and He died the most painful death to rescue, redeem, and reconcile us.. and you know what, He came back to live again. To keep living in love for His Father and for us….

He worked for us harder than anyone else ever could, can, or will ever do.

I couldn’t be more thankful for my husband and for my Lord Jesus.

He teaches me so much about love.. Jesus gives us our love.

Not only in words,

but in action.

This is my verse for my hubby… it speaks of my sweet Stephen perfectly.

“I have no one else like him, who takes a genuine concern for your wellfare.”

Philippians 2:20

I love you sweetheart.

Thank you Jesus. You rock.



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