about me

My name is Courtney but beloved_bride is my identity.

I am the beloved daughter and awaiting bride of Jesus Christ whom He will come to rescue from this earth one day soon &

I am the beloved bride and wife of Stephen, my knight who wears Christ’s shining armor and who loves me like Christ loves His church.

These two are everything to me.


Jesus is my main lead while Stephen is the supporting actor.

It is a love story from curtains rise to curtains fall.

And I, well, I am left in my seat speechless.

Hence, the underscore.


I am low but Jesus lifts me up. I am small but He carries me. I am weak but He is strong.

I am His little girl. I cling to His legs as He walks.

I don’t ever want to grow up from being Daddy’s Little girl.

I just can’t. Life apart from my Father is death.

So I won’t.


I am a sinful woman, but a forgiven woman.

I am working on so many things, but I am learning to live one day at a time.

I am growing in love, and I want to love you.


Welcome to my blog. 🙂

I will be honest about my life and what I am learning.

I want to be a friend here. I will not be a phony to you.

I want to encourage you and help you in trials even as I go through mine.

I am so happy you are here!

Have a great day!

in love,



for Jesus Christ, my true love, & for Stephen, my soulmate.

Everything I do is for you two.

I love you.


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